Welcome to Barrett, the Honors College at the Polytechnic Campus

Barrett, the Honors College at the Polytechnic campus provides an elevated academic experience that builds on the Polytechnic philosophy of “learning by doing.” This nationally-ranked Honors College creates a personable living-learning community of top students who are given special opportunities to reach their life-goals.

Along with ensuring that Barrett students have every opportunity to achieve academic success across the disciplines, a new residential hall that houses Barrett freshmen provides the perfect space to experience “a community of scholars.”  Private space, entrepreneurial space, state of the art labs and alliances with local, national and international businesses seek to provide Barrett students with the practical and applied skills, and the theoretical knowledge necessary to exist and compete in the global, real-world marketplace.

Why Join Barrett?

  • Live and learn with a tight-knit community of other bright and motivated students on the Poly campus
  • Work closely with world-class faculty and honors advisors, all dedicated to your success at ASU and beyond
  • Register for classes early with priority registration, enjoy extended library privileges, and enroll in certain graduate courses
  • Support for success in competing for national fellowships and graduate scholarships
  • Post-graduation advantages to catapult your career: alumni connections, faculty network, attractive to employers and graduate programs
  • Complete a thesis/creative project with an ASU faculty member on a topic of your intellectual interest
  • Barrett study abroad programs only available to honors students
  • Take part in world-class research opportunities with faculty one-on-one typically unavailable to undergraduates

Spotlight on Honors

Open Forum with Dean Jacobs at Poly

Barrett Poly students welcomed Barrett Dean Mark Jacobs to the campus in October.

Meet Our Students

Becca Little
Becca Little

Being a part of the Barrett club at Poly has been an extremely enriching experience. Not only do doors and opportunities open for me that would have never been possible otherwise, I have also found at Barrett-Poly an awesome support and friend group. The faculty are friendly and helpful and the students are, if possible, even more so.

Upcoming Events



Barrett Poly Residential Move In

Barrett Poly Freshmen will move into Century Hall during special evening hours!



Barrett Poly Retreat

The Barrett Poly retreat is a fun weekend full of information and making new friends in the honors college!



Barrett Fall Assembly

Barrett freshmen and their families from all campuses will be gathering at the Fall Assembly in Tempe. This is a fun and informative start to students’ honors careers.


News and Announcements

Honors students at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus will have a larger and improved place to see advisors, study and meet, with the opening of a new Barrett Honors College space on the campus in September. A grand opening reception for the new Barrett Polytechnic suite will be held from 10 a.m. to noon, Thursday, [...]

Barrett Honors College students Kathy Peach and Ashley Yost have teamed up to produce a children’s book focusing on the power of believing in yourself and the roles of friendship and self-sufficiency in overcoming hardship. The book, titled The Tiniest Tumbleweed, features two main characters – a small tumbleweed and an equally-small house sparrow – [...]